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If you would like to send me a message, ask a question, or share a prayer request, please don’t hesitate. Please note it may take me up to a week to respond to messages. Any personal and contact information will remain confidential.


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Hi Debi!

I recently found your blog and I have really been enjoying your posts! I really liked your most recent one about modesty. I have never taken a deeper look at the scriptures regarding modesty and I have a whole new attitude about the topic now, so thank you for that đŸ™‚ I love love love that you speak in easy-to-understand terms! It’s hard for me to read some articles/books regarding Christianity because I can’t understand what’s being said.

I also love that you are focused on talking about other relevant topics for Christian women aside from motherhood, homemaking, and marriage…I love your content, writing style, and perspective on topics. Your four posts have taught me quite a bit already, and I’m so glad that I found your blog!

— Hannah

Sent by e-mail on April 20, 2020.
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